PathLight Initiative

Reentry can be daunting. The PathLight Initiative recognizes this and lights the way for those journeying back into society. Founded on first-hand experiences and struggle, we’ve tailored an all-encompassing platform on the app Discord, ensuring no one walks this road alone.

What We’re About

Empowerment: At PathLight, we’re doing more than providing incarcerated people with tangible tools, resources, and mentorship. We cultivated a space where incarcerated people feel genuinely understood, accepted, and therefore more open to seeking the help they need. We’ve also created a space where they can give back to their community because nothing is more empowering than supporting another’s climb. 

Bridging the Gap: Our reach at PathLight is multifaceted. We stand as the vital link between reentry organizations and self-help programs. Recognizing gaps exist in both, we’re committed to creating seamless connections. Helped by invaluable insights from system impacted people, support organizations and self help program alumni, we offer continuous guidance and connect the support ecosystem, ensuring no one is left without aid.

A Continuum of Support: With PathLight by your side, the support never wanes. We journey alongside individuals at every stage — from pre-release preparations, navigating the challenges of parole, to celebrating and furthering post-release successes. Our commitment is unwavering, adapting to the unique needs of every individual’s reentry journey.

Engage with PathLight

Our commitment is tangible:

  1. Discord Community: Dive into our specially curated Discord server for dynamic discussions, resource sharing, and invaluable networking.
  2. Monthly Insight Calls: Join our monthly video conferences, where we connect with incarcerated people who can’t yet access our app. We answer questions, offer encouragement and spotlight success stories from our community.

Get Involved

– If you’re on the brink of reentry or have just begun your journey, PathLight is here for you.

– Reentry organizations, we invite you to amplify your outreach and impact. Click here.

– For those who’ve triumphed over the challenges of reintegration, share your light with us and guide those following in your footsteps. Click here.

Why Support PathLight

Your support means continuity. It means providing a lifeline to those who might feel lost amidst the challenges of reentry. It means strengthening the fabric of our society, ensuring everyone gets a fair shot at rebuilding their lives. Pathlight is not just an initiative; it’s a movement. And your support can make all the difference.

Illuminate the Path to Tomorrow

For a detailed dive into the PathLight Initiative, its ethos, mechanics, and aspirations, click here for more info. Together, let’s pave the way for brighter futures. Join us as we launch in January!

If you would like to be a part of PathLight contact us at or leave a response in our Contact Us page.


Support the PathLight Initiative

Contact Us:; 1(415)275-2058

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